• Design - 90%
  • Dimensions - 97%
  • Ease of use - 88%
  • Manoeuvrability - 87%
  • Battery Life - 99%


IPS 122 is a good choice when it comes to your first electric one wheel scooter.

92.2 %

Electric one wheel scooters have increased in popularity lately, having an innovative design and being fun to use at the same time. The brand IPS has become well known across the world for its high-quality one wheel scooters, being one of the earliest manufacturers in China. Among other models, the IPS 122 has earned customer popularity due to its durability and advanced technological features. The majority of unicycles are designed to offer a unique self balancing experience in both backward and forward motion.

General product features: (Full Features Here)

  • Fresh design
  • Color: black
  • 16 Inch size
  • Powerful 1000w motor
  • High 260/340wh battery capacity
  • US charger
  • Charging time: 2hrs/3hrs
  • Battery capacity: 260WH/340WH
  • Item dimensions: 19.96 x 6.06 x 17.72 inches
  • Product weight: 37.7 pounds
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Maximum endurance: 30km/40km
  • Maximum speed: 19.9km/h

Product description: (Full Description)

IPS 122 Electric One Wheel Scooter Review 3

In contrast with other self balancing gadgets, the IPS 122 has a particular futuristic design giving users the opportunity of enjoying a one-of-a-kind experience. Being both fun and useful, the unicycle is versatile and can be used by people of all ages. The affordable price is what makes the product one of the top choices, reaching a wider range of customers. Besides the moderate price, the product is one of high quality, the manufacturer assuring customers of durability and resistance. Giving users the possibility of reaching up to 19.9 km per hour, the gadget is ideal for urban areas, having an excellent movement ability. The incredible speed that can be reached when using this gadget has enabled a wide range of people to save a lot of time while commuting. Being fun to use and convenient at the same time, many people have replaced their bicycles or skateboards with one wheel scooter monocycles.

Besides the appealing and innovating design, which is the first that catches the eye, the IPS 122 electric one wheel scooter has advanced technological features, including increased battery capacity. The dimensions and weight of the product make it convenient to be carried around with ease. The charging time required varies between two or three hours, which can be considered another plus. Safety features are included as well, decreasing the risks of accidents. The device has been properly tested before reaching the market and the manufacturer offers customers product guarantee.

Pros for the IPS 122: (Buyer revewis)

IPS 122 Electric One Wheel Scooter Review

Ride-quality – this aspect is probably the one that makes the difference between the IPS 122 electric one wheel scooter and other brands and models. When it comes to ride quality, the most important detail is the predictability during braking or acceleration. Being tested repeatedly by advanced users, the ride-quality of the gadget has proven to be a very good one, exceeding other similar models. The irregularities of a riding surface are easily smoothed out by the control-board, minimizing the risks of accidents. Another aspect that gives the IPS 122 a high ride quality is the pedal stability of the gadget. The rider can easily maintain a comfortable speed through the pedal-tilt-back, controlled by the board.

Build quality – the build quality of the product has proven to be an excellent one, the gadget being recommended repeatedly as one of the best one wheel scooters found on the market. The sealed aluminum structure of the control board prevents the device’ electronics from being contaminated. The casing is one of top-quality, providing a higher resistance to scratches, which makes the IPS 122 more durable than many other similar models. The material used for building the case of the scooter is the one that significantly increases the build quality of the gadget. The manufactures has taken care of every detail to create a resistant and advanced one wheel scooter.

Aesthetics – when it comes to aesthetics, the IPS 122 is certainly to everyone’s taste. Having a futuristic appearance, the gadget has an appealing look to it, which is probably the main reason why it is a great gift idea. Its design is fresh and visionary

Power – the motor’s configuration is designed for high-torque, giving user the possibility to easily reach the speed they desire. Even though, it is recommended to not exceed 15 km per hour to maintain a comfortable cruising speed, the unicycle can reach up to 19.9km/h. The maximum speed recommended varies from one cruising surface to another. The power delivery is certainly an outstanding one, at the same time providing riders with the stability required.

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As a conclusion, the IPS 122 electric one wheel scooter is an investment worth making. Having a great money value and some impressive capabilities, the gadget easily exceeds other competitive brands and models on the market. The exclusive design and advanced features makes this device a great purchase for both beginners and riders that are more advanced. Even though, one might spend more time to learn how to ride it, it is definitely an exciting and useful gadget.