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They’re fun, exciting, fast, practical and affordable. Self balancing electric scooters seem to tick all the boxes in terms of personal transportation, offering unlimited entertainment to those who are bored of bikers and motorcycles. If you’ve heard of them and are thinking of getting a self balancing scooter for yourself, then why not read some reviews first? At Self Balancing Scooter Reviews, we test some of the most popular self balancing electric hoverboards and tell you how well they work and if they are worth the price tag.

We try to cover as many models as possible, from the older ones to the latest 2016 releases and look at various things to provide you with a clear summary. We test battery life, performance, ease of use and also give you some tips and tricks on design and features.

Since the market offers both one wheel and two wheel electric scooters, we’ve had a look at both options and included good examples from these categories. Feel free to have a look through our accurate and unbiased reviews and discover the latest trend in personal transportation for 2016!